Christmas Roses, Santa Fe  DSE1202

Christmas Roses, Santa Fe  DSE1198

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico  073-14

Orchids in Miami  FA0370

Orchids in a  Garden in Santa Fe  DSD1493

Lilies in a Vase  044-14

Poinsettia at Christmas in Santa Fe  DSE2592

Lilies in Morocco  601-043

Lilies in Morocco  ^01-044

Lilies in Morocco  601-043A

Lilies in Morocco  601-044A

Autumn Foliage, Acadia NP  DSD1203

Pyracantha in the Spring in Santa Fe  DSE0522

Vine on an old fence, Santa Fe  DSE1010

Pyracantha in Autumn, Santa Fe  DSE 0958

 Canna, Santa Fe  DSE0637

Pink Rose, Santa Fe  DSE0600

Inferno Canna, Santa Fe  DSE0510

Summer Cactus Flowers  DSE0520

Bouganvilla, Key West, FL  048-06

Apache Plume in an Arroyo, Santa Fe, NM  148-04

Pink Rose, Santa Fe  DSE DSE0597

Irises, Santa Fe, New Mexico  DSD3242

 Roses in Vase, Santa Fe   DSD2924

Plumbagos, Santa Fe  DSE0552

 Irises, Santa Fe  DSD3240

Inferno Canna, Santa Fe  DSE0543

 Canna in Santa Fe  DSE0633

Inferno Canna, Santa Fe  DSE0505

Painted Daisies, Santa Fe  DSE0440

Hibiscus, Santa Fe  DSD2936

Pears, Portland, Oregon  159-03

Casablanca Lilies, Santa Fe  DSD2934

Red Roses, Santa Fe  DSD2488

Chamisa in an Arroyo, Santa Fe  DSE0241

Wild Flowers in an Arroyo in Autumn, Santa Fe, NM  250-18

Inferno Canna, Santa Fe  DSE0633

One Peach Rose, Santa Fe  DSD2461

One Peach Rose, Santa Fe  DSD0163

Casablanca Lilies in Vase, Santa Fe  Dsd2929 

Apricot Blossoms, Santa Fe  DSE1719

Geraniums In a Garden in Santa Fe  DSE1980

Irises in Santa Fe  DSE1893

Roses in Santa Fe  DSE2081

Pink Rose in Santa Fe  DSE2065

Pink Rose in Santa Fe  DSE2042

Salmon Rose in Santa Fe  DSE2007

Geraniums in Santa Fe  DSE1997

Yucca Flower in Spring in in Santa Fe  DSE1830

Trumpet Vine in a Garden in Santa Fe  DSE2284

Inferno Canna in Santa Fe  DSE2337

Three White Roses in Santa Fe  DSE2098

Hibiscus in Santa Fe  DSE2446

Inferno Canna in Pot, Santa Fe  DSE2372

Geraniums in Santa Fe in the Winter  DSE2576

Golden Rain Leaves in Santa Fe  DSE2344

Roses in Santa Fe  DSE2142

Two Pink Roses in Santa FE  DSE2131

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