Sand Dunes, Early Morning, Death Valley NP  DSD1644  I love these sand dunes.  It was windy overnight so yesterday's footprints are gone.  It's windy this morning so the shape of the dunes is constantly changing.  And it's early morning so the light is lovely.

Wonderful shapes and Shadows, Sand Dunes, Death Valley NP  DSD1636  Early morning, wonderful light, no footprints.  And everything is a curve - there are no straight lines at all.

Death Valley NP  DSD1645

Stormy Weather, Early Morning, Great Sand Dunes NP  245-06

Changing Light, Early Morning, Great Sand Dunes NP  245-07

Great Sand Dunes NP  245-11

Death Valley NP  DSD0550

Death Valley NP  DSD1646

Great Sand Dunes NP  245-08

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