Bosque del Apache, New Mexico  ACH2347

Sunrise, Montrose, CO  DSC7826

Sunrise, Montrose, CO  DSC7825

National Wildlife Refuge, Las Vegas, New Mexico  DSE0154  This is short grass prairie.  It ran from here (just east of the Rockies) to the Mississippi and south to Texas and north to Canada.  It was called the Great Plains.  It hosted vast herds of bison, countless other animals, and many groups of Native Americans.  It was here for millennia.  It is gone.

Santuario de Chimayo, New Mexico  900-66A

Santa Fe Plaza, Christmas Night, Santa Fe, New Mexico  DSC7588

Loretto Chapel, Christmas Night, Santa Fe, New Mexico  DSC7597

Acequia Madre, Christmas Night, Santa Fe, New Mexico  DSC7550

San Francisco Street, Christmas Night in the Snow, Santa Fe, New Mexico  900-49

Cathedral Park in the Snow, Christmas Night, Santa Fe, New Mexico  900-50

St. Francis Cathedral, Christmas Night in the Snow, Santa Fe, New Mexico  PFA0163

Lone Horse, Four Corners, New Mexico  186-04

Cerrillos, NM  DSC5066

Gas Station South of Madrid, New Mexico  151-17

Presbyterian Church, 1908, Taiban, New Mexico  246-03  A few years after taking this photo in Taiban, New Mexico, I was driving to Archer City, Texas.  I saw a church on the side of the road and it looked familiar so I stopped and took a photo.  I printed both when I returned home and they were exactly, precisely, identical.  They are more than 300 miles apart.  How did this happen in 1908?  Is there another one somewhere?  I don't know the answer.

Old Door on Old Adobe House, Truchas, New Mexico  137A-04

Old Window in Old House, Santa Fe, New Mexico  004-05  There are lots of these old windows in old adobe houses in the old neighborhoods of Santa Fe.  If you travel around, you will find many all over the state.

Oregon Coast  193-12

Penitente Morada Church in Abiquiu, New Mexico  285-05

F-16's, Thunderbirds, Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico  239-16A

Mary's Bar, Cerrillos, New Mexico  DSC4955A  I think Mary's Bar is terrific.  No pretense, nothing cute or trying to be the cool place of the moment.  Just a bar, owned by Mary.

Chamisa in Arroyo - Autumn in Santa Fe  DSE0241

Cemetery, Cerrillos,  New Mexico  DSC5056  This place is gloomy.  Edgar Allan Poe would have loved it.  Maybe I'd walk around here at night, probably not.

Eastern Oregon  091-12

Sabinoso, New Mexico  199-05

Sabinoso Cemetery, New Mexico  199-10  This old cemetery is unfenced, and seemingly unmaintained.  The land appears to go on forever.  Actually, it pretty much does.

Sandhill Cranes, Bosque del Apache  900-40

Bosque del Apache  900-43

Canada Geese, Bosque del Apache  900-42

Sandhill Crane, Bosque del Apache  900-45

Morning Flyout, Bosque del Apache  900-48

Chisos Mountains, Big Bend NP  291-02

Chisos Mountains, Big Bend NP, Texas  291-03

The Rio Grande comes out of Santa Elena Canyon right here.  The cliff on the left is in Mexico and the cliff on the right is in Texas.  Big Bend NP.  291-11

Monument Valley, Arizona  292-05A


Romy, Santa Fe  DSC1356

Romy, Santa Fe  DSC2921

Romy, Santa Fe  DSC1436

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